Marimo Mag Issue #2 (Pre order)


Shipping included! Marimo will now include the shipping fees in its cover price. Instead of paying 12€ + 3,50€ you’ll pay 15,50€ total. This way it will cost the same everywhere, for everyone.

– Phantasmagoria –

We’ve officially kicked-off the process for Issue 02 here at Marimo and we’re escaping the comforts of Home to wander into the fascinating and thrilling world of Phantasmagoria. We want to write about things that scare us and make us wonder. About technical marvels and illusions. About the ancient ghosts in Robertson’s Phantasmagorias to today’s CGI-enhanced creatures… Let see what we will found!

Featuring Brothers Quay, Rosto, Laika, Women in Animation and more…

Note for customers: a Kickstarter campaign will be launched in September 18 to help us fund the issue, stay tune!

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